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Financial & investment services with the goal to grow hard-earned retirement assets… and make sure they’re preserved

While most advisors will focus on making you money today, few remember to put up safeguards that help you also hold on to what you have now and in the future.

Because of this, I’ve developed a multi-step process that helps my clients not only capitalize on market fluctuations, but that also provides several layers of protection for their hard-earned retirement assets during those inevitable downturns – whether caused by a pandemic, an election, or any other situation that brings about instability.

And along the way, I’ll not only coach you through what to do, but help you understand the why behind my recommendations and visualize the “big picture” of your retirement.

How WORTH helps you prepare for stress-free, financially-secure “golden years”

After we have met for a free consultation and discussed your goals, we can help you with any (or all) of the following:

Retirement Planning

By looking at the “big picture” of retirement, we can make sure you’re taking advantage of your options and considering all of the easily-missed aspects of retirement (including your finances, investments, and beyond).

Investment Management

With the help of my multi-step investment management process for stocks and mutual funds – which helps clients capitalize on market fluctuations as well as provides several layers of protection for their assets – we won't just put you in a portfolio and let you sit there to weather whatever comes. Instead, we'll actively monitor your accounts and adjust them as needed.

Estate Conservation

As part of our work together, we can consider money-saving techniques you can utilize to pass wealth down onto the next generation.

Tax Reduction Strategies

By considering your current finances and where you stand for taxes today, we can make sure you’re taking full advantage of your tax brackets (and not paying more than you need to!).

Life Insurance Policy Maximization

Together, we can make sure your life insurance policies adequately cover you and your family and that you’re paying the best rates possible.

What you get as a WORTH Investments client

  • A customized retirement plan
  • Your own online portal where you can view all your finances in one place (including a projection of where you are now VS where you’ll be when you retire, your work income, your bank accounts, and your 401k)
  • Continual investment management & protection with my multi-step process
  • Ability to reach out anytime for questions or help (no need to wait for our next meeting – just give me a call or send me an email)

Get a free “second look” at your current portfolio or retirement plan today

If you’d like to see if we’re a good fit or have a complimentary “second look” at your current portfolio or retirement plan, please leave your info below and we’ll reach out to set up a free consultation.

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